The industry standard, tripled

More than 4000 cylinders per hour on one single carrousel system. Flexspeed is the world's only high-speed filling system for LPG cylinders.

By applying new and patented handling and processing techniques, the carrousel-based Flexspeed system ensures a continuous flow of cylinders thoughout the system. The dynamic cylinder flow makes it possible to reach unmatched filling capacities of more than 4000 LPG cylinders per hour on one carrousel system. 

For any cylinder and valve type

The Flexspeed system features multiple filling posts and a series of process modules for e.g. leak detection, valve testing and cap application. It is suitable for filling any type of cylinder, whether equipped with centre or screw valves.

Low operational costs

Designed for lean operation, Flexspeed brings gas fillers low production costs and low unit cost due to less equipment maintenance, better uptime and a reduced need for manpower. Cylinder maintenance costs are also reduced as the dynamic cylinder flow gives fewer damages to the cylinder surface during the filling process.

For a completely automated process, Flexspeed can be combined with a fully automatic tare reading system and palletizing or telescopic conveyor systems.

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