Facility management

Tailored solutions to fit your LPG filling facilities

Flexibility is the core of KC Facility Management™. Even though all LPG plants basically do the same job - filling cylinders with LPG - most of them are as unique as the clouds in the sky. It would consequently be hopeless to create a standard solution that should match all sites and their specific features - and we see no reason for taking on this challenge against the impossible.

Instead, we begin every project by examining the specific site and needs to know as much as possible about your situation. With knowledge and insights in our hands, we then suggest one or more solutions that fit exactly into your context. That ensures tailored solutions to all LPG filling facilities. To be as transparent as possible and to ease your decision-making process, we include all the details about the package and its services, suggested investment plans and calculations on your potential savings in our solution proposals.

Facility management in whole or in part

Our facility management solutions can handle the daily operation of your LPG filling facilities, in whole or in part. You can pick and choose the options and services that are relevant to you, and an agreement can for example include:

  • Filling of LPG cylinders
  • Maintenance of filling equipment
  • Staff employment and training
  • Maintenance and reconditioning of cylinders
  • Safety precautions and training
  • Quality control
  • Environmental considerations and initiatives

When you choose a full package facility management solution, we take care of all activities at you LPG filling facilities. Think of it as an all-inclusive solution where we handle everything within the plant walls - and even cut the grass outside them if you wish. For such full package agreements, we can either take over existing personnel, bring our own or maybe mix the two by bringing our own experienced supervisors to manage the operators at the plant.

With facility management as a support function, we can help you with some of the tasks at you filling facilities - and you decide what we should assist you with. But what does the catalogue of options then include? Routine service visits with or without spare parts, an around-the-clock hotline, training of personnel, and feasibility studies to find areas with improvement potential - to mention just a few examples.

Since 1951, we have served the LPG industry with equipment, service and maintenance. That gives us an unparalleled experience with filling facilities and the best possible foundation for handling the daily operation of your LPG plant with our KC Facility Management™. After all, who could know the equipment better than the people who brought it into this world?

Why choose KC Facility Management™?

Whether you go with facility management in whole or in part, you can look forward to a good bunch of advantages. To start off, as we take over functions at your LPG filling facilities, it will naturally release resources internally in your organisation. And while we handle the operation and maintenance of your plant and equipment, you can concentrate your efforts on other areas you find more interesting like perhaps sales, marketing or distribution.

Moreover, KC Facility Management™ also has a positive impact on your costs. Most customers reduce their costs per filled cylinder, and the main reason for this saving is that variable costs are converted into fixed costs. With a facility management agreement, you pay a fixed amount either per month or per filled cylinder, and costs thereby become a known factor. And without unpleasant surprises, it is much easier for you to make budget and investment plans.

As a further bonus, a full package facility management solution simplifies your internal administration significantly. With Kosan Crisplant in charge of the daily operation of your facilities - and everything this involves - there is only one point of contact for you. No matter what your question might be, you always know who to call.

In addition, with a facility management agreement you enter into a partnership where benefits and insights into equipment, efficient operations and the latest technology are freely shared and exchanged between us. We are convinced that trust, co-operation and openness form the necessary foundation for a profitable partnership. It takes two parties to make a partnership and its results as advantageous as possible, and making each other good is the best way forward.

KC Facility Management™ - Outsourcing your filling and reconditioning operations

With a Facility Management agreement, we handle for the filling and maintenance activities at your filling facility – while you can focus on other areas of your business.

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