Kosan Crisplant filling systems

We design and manufacture flexible LPG filling systems that work for everyone: from simple, manual machines for the one-man businesses to advanced, fully automatic electronic solutions for the biggest filling operations in the world.

What all our systems share is an uncompromising attention to quality, safety, flexibility and efficiency. When you buy Kosan Crisplant filling machines, you become the owner of a thoroughly designed system, built with the best materials and cutting-edge technology. We cut no corners in our design and manufacturing process, because we know that satisfied customers are the cornerstone of our business.

Kosan Crisplant's line of filling machines includes three different machines, all intended for different filling capacities: FLEXSPEED, Universal Filling Machine (UFM), and KCFiLL1. Read below for more details about each machine.

FLEXSPEED – high capacity

Our high-capacity system, FLEXSPEED, is the undisputed world champion of high-capacity LPG filling. Inspired by filling methods in the beverage industry, FLEXSPEED is capable of filling up to 3,600 cylinders per hour while still maintaining great accuracy. No other machine on the market even comes close.

UFM – medium capacity

A classic in the LPG filling business. As its name indicates, the Universal Filling Machine is an extremely flexible machine that is in use across the world in businesses big and small. Installed on a carrousel, a series of UFM's can handle hundreds of cylinders per hour with ease, but the UFM is also a great machine for smaller in-line or stand-alone filling setups.

KCFiLL1 – low capacity

For the small-scale filler who only needs to fill a few dozen cylinders per hour, or the industrial filler who wants an extra station for filling odd-sized cylinders, the KCFiLL1 offers extraordinary value for money. With impressive filling accuracy, high flexibility, and low cost, this machine is the perfect solution for when you don't need much, but you want the highest quality available.

Container solutions

Think inside the box. Putting all your LPG filling equipment inside a cargo container may look strange to some people, but containerized filling plants are a great solution in many cases where the emphasis is on affordability and efficiency. In fact, container solutions offer an array of advantages that standard filling plants do not.