Nothings speaks as loud and clear as hands-on, real-life examples. That is why we here present some of our previous projects. Our case stories give you an idea of what we have helped our customers with in the past – and what we can help you with now.

Clean cylinders - happy consumers

To uphold the appearance of your cylinders, efficient washing equipment is a valuable addition to a filling system. OnGas, one of New Zealand's largest LPG suppliers, knows this all too well.

The hands-off approach

What started out as a straightforward containerized filling plant has grown over time to be something quite extraordinary among Kosan Crisplant container solutions.

Good things come in small packages

Located far off the west coast of Africa, the islands of Cape Verde are not a place where you will find great filling plants with huge carrousels and multi-tiered palletizing systems. Here, the islands' population of roughly 500,000 use LPG for cooking and not much else.

Decades of mutual success

Kosan Crisplant is proud to have had long, fruitful ties with several customers around the globe. YPFB and Drachen-Propangas are two such customers.

Moroccan Gazafric finds new ways to improve

Ten years ago, the world's largest LPG filling plant was built in the Moroccan desert to keep up with an increasing demand of 6% per year. The result was a unique filling facility with a total of 10 carrousels filling all types of cylinders in the Moroccan market.

From fields to filling

Resourcefulness and swift action allowed BM Energy to establish a profitable and stable filling plant in an area consisting only of rice fields and dirt roads.

FLEXSPEED - the heart of a filling giant

Saudi Arabian gas filling company GASCO set out with one idea of what they needed but ended up with something quite different when Kosan Crisplant proposed several FLEXSPEED lines to make GASCO's LPG filling plant in Riyadh the largest in the world