Safe and happy LPG consumers in Nepal



Koshi Gas Udyog Pvt Ltd, Janaki Gas Udyog Pvt Ltd, and Shreeram Gas Udyog Pvt Ltd, Nepal

The customer's challenge 

Existing mechanical filling scales did not fill accurately. Dissatisfied consumers due to underfilled cylinders

Our solution

The electronic filling machine KCFiLL1 for small cylinder volumes

The outcome

Accurately filled cylinders. Improved filling plant and consumer safety. And happy consumers!

Scope of supply 

  • 30 KCFiLL1 filling machines for three plants
  • Installation of the first 20 KCFiLL1 machines

An upgrade to KCFiLL1 filling machines not only improved customer satisfaction, but also plant and consumer safety for Koshi Gas Udyog in Nepal.

Koshi Gas Udyog became first-movers in the Nepalese LPG filling industry, when they chose to put an end to over- and underfilled gas cylinders. Their inaccurate mechanical filling scales had been giving them trouble in the market due to underfilled LPG cylinders, but after an upgrade to new electronic KCFiLL1 filling machines, the results speak for themselves: Increased customer satisfaction and improved safety at the filling plant and for the consumers.

Locally produced conveyor system

We delivered and installed the KCFiLL1 machines while Koshi Gas Udyog had a local supplier produce both the structure on which the KCFiLL1 machines are mounted and the conveyor system for cylinder handling. The combination of KCFiLL1 machines and locally manufactured parts gave Koshi Gas Udyog the best of two worlds as they got a higher quality in the filling process while keeping the cost of the upgrade at a reasonable level.

Two more plant upgrades

The good results from the first project has made the people behind Koshi Gas Udyog invest in twenty additional KCFiLL1 machines for their other two LPG filling companies, which have now also had their plants upgraded with the latest filling technology - all to the benefit of the Nepalese LPG consumers.

"We would like to thank you for manufacturing such an efficient and economical machine, the KCFiLL1. It has helped us a lot in filling LPG cylinders accurately and quickly.  And moreover we have been able to optimize our work force.  It has simplified the whole manufacturing process.

We would like to congratulate you on having expertise in the LPG industry. This was our first experience with your company Kosan Crisplant, and we have been satisfied with your products and service.

We would like to express immense gratitude for being able to use your product and services. We have great trust in your technology and service and look forward to doing business with you in the future."

Mr. Vijay Hari Sharma, Director
Koshi Gas Udyog Pvt Ltd