Container solutions

Compared to bigger solutions, a containerized filling plant is not going to set international records for most cylinders filled per hour. However, there are many other things to gain from filling your cylinders in a container. Here are some of the biggest advantages that you can expect to see:

Distributed filling: The mobility of a container allows your filling to be distributed to several smaller facilities rather than one big filling plant. This allows you to get closer to the end users and drastically reduce the necessary amount of cylinders in rotation. By distributing your filling in this way, you may only need around 2 cylinders in rotation per end user,

Low cost: The cost of setting up and running a containerized filling plant is relatively small, making it an attractive option for small businesses.

Fast installation: Most of the equipment is delivered ready to go in the container, with the minimal amount of engineering required.  

Flexibility: If you find that your container solution is no longer sufficient to keep up with demand, you can easily move it elsewhere while you upgrade your equipment to a higher capacity. The container can then be used to conquer new market shares in a different location.

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