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Regular service visits raise efficiency to an all-time high

Back in 2006, Kosan Crisplant signed its first ever service contract with the customer Butan Plin in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The agreement ensured three annual service visits to the customer's site - and that soon proved to raise efficiency to an all-time high! During the first 10 years with regular service visits, Butan Plin filled no less than 10 million LPG cylinders.

First of its kind and still going strong

Today, YPFB's filling plant in El Alto is the beating heart of LPG distribution in western Bolivia. But its story began in 2014 when Kosan Crisplant turned it into the world's first Flexspeed plant for cylinders with side-entry valves. Years later, it continues to impress - thanks to careful maintenance and attention to detail.

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