Flexible LPG filling systems

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Case stories

The best examples are always real-life - also for gas (LPG) filling solutions. Therefore, we have gathered some cases that illustrate how we help our customers with their challenges.

First filling carrousel of its kind - and still going strong

High in the mountains of Bolivia, you find a filling plant that is a vital part of the region's gas supply. But in 2014, the owner, YPFB, faced the challenge of age: With the plant's 30-year-old equipment, it was not sufficient to meet the region's demand for LPG. Our solution was a complete plant revamping - including the world's first Flexspeed carrousel for gas cylinders with side-entry valves.

New, original conveyor chain

The MCC-30 chain for chain conveyors offers superior durability and less maintenance than other chains - for the same price! The new chain is developed and produced by MAKEEN Energy - and since that is our mother company, we are happy to say that our equipment will use this chain too.