Mads Bach Christensen is the new managing director of Kosan Crisplant

With the start of 2021, Mads Bach Christensen has assumed the position of Managing Director of Kosan Crisplant, as well as Financial Director (CFO) for the MAKEEN Energy group.

Mads Bach Christensen

There's a new face in our management, and that face belongs to Mads Bach Christensen. But the face is not actually as new as you may think: Mads worked at Kosan Crisplant from 2000 to 2007. Until recently, he was the CFO of the globally present Beumer Group.

Almost 14 years after we parted ways, he (and we) felt that the time was ripe for his comeback. He has therefore returned to occupy a combined position as the Managing Director of Kosan Crisplant and CFO of MAKEEN Energy. And he is excited to start this new chapter:

“The journey that MAKEEN Energy has been on recently, with new business areas and acquisitions, matches what I have been working on over the last years – which is turning a company into one coherent, global team. I think that’s what the company’s ambitions demand, and I look forward to contributing to that journey.”
Mads Bach Christensen, Managing Director of Kosan Crisplant and CFO of MAKEEN Energy

We are thrilled to have Mads on the team, and we look forward to working with him in the name of responsible energy solutions. Welcome!

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Mads' arrival is not just a coincidence. It is a consequence of the many changes and developments that our mother company, MAKEEN Energy, has undergone in the past years – and it is preparation for things that are to come. You can read more about these changes on MAKEEN Energy's website.