FLEXSPEED - the talk of the town

image of a world map show where Kosan Crisplant Flexspeed carrousels are placed

Working where only the sky is the limit, Kosan Crisplant engineers imagined it, devised it, designed it, made it work, and gave it to gas fillers everywhere.

FLEXSPEED is the heart of your cylinder filling production designed for flexibility and efficiency, and to move gas cylinders quickly through the filling plant and return it to the retail market to generate a profit for you. Having exceeded the limits of conventional thinking and turned the concept of gas filling upside down, FLEXSPEED is superior to market standards and is now on the lips of gas fillers everywhere.

The whole idea of never letting a gas cylinder stand idle during processing is both as revolutionary as it is logical. One FLEXSPEED customer expressed these words about the new filling system:

The FLEXSPEED operation has now been stabilized and we are getting a production of 50,000 to 54,000 cylinders per day in 2 shift operation at an average of about 3600 cylinders per hour. The cylinder filling carried out on this carousel is mixed filling of 14.2 kg and 19 kg cylinders, and up to 6000 cylinders of 19 kg have been filled on this carousel in a single day. A special mention is also made on the success of tare recognition system, "The Vision Unit" which has contributed tremendously in achieving these production levels.

Nishi Vasudeva, ED-LPG
HPCL, India, 18th January 2011

More systems are being commissioned in this quarter of 2011 and several more are following as pearls on a long string in the coming months.

Most recently we were awarded a contract for supplying systems and equipment including two complete FLEXSPEED lines to an esteemed customer of ours in Kuwait. This contract indeed supports the fact that FLEXSPEED already is an industry standard with excellent performance and very low operational costs.

Feel free to call a Kosan Crisplant office near you, or our headquarters in Denmark, to hear what FLEXSPEED can do for your business. Remember: FLEXSPEED is for everyone.