Production data and management system

Kosan Crisplant’s Production Data Management System collects data from filling process machines controlled by the HMI/CUC controller. The data is monitored and serves as a basis for reports concerning the filling process.

  • Automatic collection of all important production data
  • High safety level due to production surveillance
  • Effective tools for viewing and analysing production data
  • PC monitoring of real time production status
  • Report statistics for filling hall production overview
  • Easy identification of maintenance and adjustments needs
  • Ready for direct connection to existing CUC network

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  • Analysis of both single machine capacity and filling plant capacity
  • Overview of production interruptions and of development in filling capacity
  • Analysis of single machine filling accuracy and adjustment need
  • Survey of total production filling accuracy
  • Review of cylinders rejected at check scales and leak detectors
  • Reports per cylinder type and for given time periods
  • On-line supervision of all HMI/CUC controllers including alarm log and status overview
  • Elaboration of presentation graphs on the basis of report data
  • Efficient data storage and search in database
  • Disaster recovery incl. quick re-installation of PC in case of crashing

Possibilities icon Your possibilities

  • Installation of PC in non-hazardous area up to 500 meters from filling hall
  • One PC can collect and handle data from up to 10 carrousel filling systems simultaneously
  • Update of software via modem
  • Standard high-quality PC with DVD-RW drive, keyboard, mouse, flat screen, and colour printer
  • Standard software (e.g. Microsoft Windows, SQL database, etc.)
  • Kosan Crisplant software (CUC Monitor, RCC Reports)

Safety icon Your safety

  • Hardware and software according to international standards

Production data and management system

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