Carrousel filling systems

Kosan Crisplant’s carrousel filling system is designed for safe and effective filling of all kinds of LPG cylinders.

  • The most effective way of filling LPG cylinders
  • High capacity filling, up to 1,800 cylinders per hour
  • Fully automatic cylinder flow
  • High safety level thanks to intrinsically safe network
  • Decentralized control units independent of PC’s
  • Rapid encoding or automatic reading of cylinder tare
  • Control system uptime: 99% – the best on the market
  • Total overview of the filling production thanks to PC data collection

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Benefits icon Your benefits

  • Low installation costs and high safety thanks to intrinsically safe network
  • Focus on ergonomics at central tare encoding station
  • Few operators and minimized risk of human errors
  • No mechanical wear on electrical control equipment, non-touch sensors and swivel connectors
  • Optimal logistics and high output (e.g. sorting of cylinders for maintenance before filling)
  • Optimal PC data collection tool for effective filling and maintenance
  • Capacity increase is possible
  • Same user interface (HMI/CUC controller) on all machines

Possibilities icon Your possibilities

  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic system according to valve type
  • Automation level can be upgraded according to actual and future needs
  • From 8 to 42 filling machines on the carrousel platform – capacity can be adapted to actual and future needs
  • Filling machines and filling heads adapted to cylinders and cylinder valves
  • PC placed in non-hazardous area can be connected to the system
  • Quick and professional service backup by remote control available

Safety icon Your safety

  • Ex marking according to the ATEX Di-rective and applicable EN standards:  CE logo EX logo II 2G Ex h IIB T3 Gb
  • All equipment and machines in the filling system are intended for operation in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1 or Zone 2 according to EN/IEC 60079-10-1
  • All equipment and machines in the filling system are designed and validated in accordance with a certified ISO:9001 quality management system; furthermore, they are designed according to all relevant requirements set out in applicable EU Directives
  • Filling machines and check scales have weighing Accuracy Classification C3 according to OIML R 76/EN45501

Carrousel Filling Systems

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