Annual service visits keep up bunkering performance

A KC LNG solution for The Samsoe Ferry
A KC LNG solution for The Samsoe Ferry

The Samsoe ferry

The customer's challenge
The ferry's bunkering solution needs regular service and maintenance to keep up performance.

Our solution
With a 5-year service contract – including 6 service visits annually – the bunkering solution gets the care and repair it needs to run as smoothly as possible.

The outcome
The shipowner does not need to worry about the state of repair of the equipment, as KC LNG's service technicians handle the regular service and maintenance.

The Samsoe ferry runs on LNG and has been doing so since 2015. Just like all other types of mechanics, the bunkering solution needs regular service and maintenance to ensure a high performance. And with a 5-year service agreement from KC LNG, the shipowner can leave the worries behind.

KC LNG delivered the turnkey bunkering solution that makes it easy and fast to refuel the Samsoe ferry with the cold, liquid gas. Naturally, the shipowner wants the bunkering operations to continue running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, they placed a 5-year service contract with KC LNG.

All-round service agreement for LNG bunkering

With the service agreement, the shipowner ensures that their bunkering solution gets the service and maintenance it needs. And that is a vital foundation to keep the ferry running.

The agreement includes 6 service visits annually. Every time, the service technicians from KC LNG perform a wide range of checks and tests of the bunkering solution, and, among other things, they:

  • inspect the bunkering installation and the area around it,
  • perform a function control of all components,
  • clean and lubricate couplings,
  • carry out minor repairs and
  • report irregularities

After each visit, the service technicians fill out a logbook to document and keep track of everything they have observed and corrected.