Sustainable Ocean Principles

The United Nations introduced the Sustainable Ocean Principles in September 2019 as a supplement to the UN Global Compact. MAKEEN Energy, the mother company of KC LNG, has committed to support both initiatives, and KC LNG plays a particularly important role in relation to the ocean project.

The Sustainable Ocean Principles recognise the urgency and global importance of a healthy ocean and include 9 principles in total. By joining the project, organisations commit themselves to take action. They must address ocean sustainability challenges and work to protect our ocean. And in October 2019, MAKEEN Energy made this commitment as one of the first companies in the world.

A focus on principles 2 and 3

As a part of MAKEEN Energy, KC LNG focuses mainly on principles 2 and 3, which both address the issue of ocean health and productivity. Whereas principle 2 is about promoting or contributing to restoring, protecting or maintaining a healthy ocean, principle 3 pays attention to preventing pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that can affect the ocean.

By focusing MAKEEN Energy’s efforts on these two principles, we can dedicate ourselves to projects where we believe our energy solutions can make a difference. Here, the solutions from KC LNG play a vital part.

Why are LNG solutions good for the ocean?

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the cleanest fossil fuel available, and its emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases are significantly lower compared to other conventional fuels. As a result, our ocean is much better off with a maritime industry using LNG as a fuel instead of, for example, traditional heavy fuel oil (HFO).

In KC LNG, we strive to facilitate the transition to LNG by developing solutions that enable ferries to be fuelled with LNG. And by using a cleaner fuel for ferries, we make transportation by sea as responsible as possible.