KC LNG's 4 core principles

For all our liquefied green gas solutions, we have our 4 core principles in mind: zero emissions, scalability, customisation and mobility. Together, they form the target we are always aiming at. And separately, they are explained in detail below.

image of a blue sky with a white zero-emission icon

Zero emissions

As a globally operating company, we feel obligated to act to prevent further damage to our environment and the world we live in. We construct systems and solutions with the lowest possible emissions, and it is our goal to avoid any methane slip completely. For example, in our bunkering solutions, we have developed a patented system in which no flushing of the pipes with nitrogen takes place. This way, we emit no methane, which is about 25 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide (CO2).

A great example of how we meet this principle in our real-life solutions is our Samsoe ferry case.

image of a pile of stones with a white scalabillity icon


Inspired by the Danish LEGO brick system, we design our solutions to enable you to "grow as you go" by means of building blocks. With this system, it is possible to start small and upgrade when needed, thus scaling each element up or down in size to allow various scopes, different LNG or LBG supply chains and numerous end-users to benefit from our innovative solutions. Our Y-piece adapter – that doubles the bunkering capacity – is a good example of this principle.

Check out our NIJMAN/ZEETANK International Logistic Group case and see how its add-on function easily increased the speed and efficiency of their LNG bunkering operations – adjusting to the customers need.  

image of a bridge customised to fit the nature with a white customisation icon


All businesses are different, and our solutions must, naturally, be different as well. No matter the nature and scope of your requirements, we work closely with you and tailor our products and services to match your business down to the last detail. Among other things, we adjust the volume, dimensions and flow speed to suit your desired investment and operational expenses. We also deliver various levels of automation – from fully manual to fully automatic and everything in between.

Our ENGIE case and their demand for an autonomous bunkering solution without the standard integrated pumps, is a great real-life example of how we can customise our solutions to your exact need.

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By placing most of the technical equipment inside a container, trailer or a skid, many of our solutions can be moved quickly and the sunk costs minimised. It is important to us to stress that regardless how your business develops in future, our solution will be able to adjust along with it, so you do not invest capital in systems that do not fulfill future needs just because they are unknown to us today.

Take a look at our PrimaLNG case and see how our mobile trailer-mounted manifold took their bunkering speed to new heights at only a fraction of the cost of a permanent bunkering installation.