A future with cleaner city air

A city with clean air and a vibrant city life is an attractive city. Noise and air pollution from heavy-duty vehicles detract that picture.

Necessary for moving people and goods around, but accountable for a large part of the air pollution in cities all over the world. Buses and trucks emit large amounts of harmful pollutants such as NOx and particulate matter, both known to cause respiratory problems, premature deaths and other health issues. Running them on natural gas reduces air pollution and noise dramatically. 

Low-emission transportation with LNG

When it comes to lowering emission levels, LNG outperforms conventional fuels and makes it easy for vehicle owners to comply with clean air regulations. Studies have shown that emissions of particulate matter and NOx can be reduced by up to 94% and 73% respectively by converting to natural gas. Add to that a significant reduction in engine noise.

16 million gas-powered vehicles are already on the road 

The technology behind LNG vehicles has been successfully tried and tested all over the world. In Europe alone, the number of vehicles that run on natural gas or biogas grew by 45 percent from 2008 to 2013 and more than 16 million gas-powered vehicles are now on the road worldwide.

No difference in performance 

Filling a truck with LNG is as fast and easy as refuelling a diesel truck. It even runs just as long on a full tank. On top of that, natural gas engines have proven to outlast their conventionally fuelled counterparts.

Turnkey LNG filling stations

Kosan Crisplant designs and delivers complete LNG filling stations customized to your specific capacity requirements. Delivered as turnkey solutions ready for use, the stations are able to fill vehicles with LNG or CNG.

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