LNG and LBG refuelling stations that leave your options open

By offering innovative and flexible refuelling stations for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG), we aim to help the transport sector towards a cleaner, more sustainable future with cleaner air.

Truck driving on LNG saves the environment from 20-30 CO2

Buses and trucks are necessary for moving people and goods around, but they account for a large part of the air pollution in cities all over the world. Running them on natural gas reduces air pollution and noise dramatically. In many places, the infrastructure for LNG and LBG vehicles is still in development, which is why we focus on designing and manufacturing refuelling stations that are as flexible as they are environmentally responsible.

Low-emission transportation with LNG

Studies have shown that emissions of particulate matter and NOx can be reduced by up to 94% and 73% respectively by converting from diesel to LNG. CO2 emissions from LNG trucks are 20% lower than diesel, making it more climate-friendly as well. And when it comes to noise, gas engines are significantly quieter than diesel engines, which helps to comply with the noise regulations that exist in many cities.

Refuelling station with LNG, LBG and CNG

Turnkey LNG and LBG refuelling stations

From dealing with local authorities and securing permits to handling civil works and subsequent after-sale service, we do everything in our power to eliminate our customers' headaches, maximise uptime and provide the smoothest customer experience. Delivered as turnkey solutions ready for use, the stations are able to fill vehicles with liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied biogas (LBG) or compressed natural gas (CNG).

Running on natural gas is the smart choice

Filling a truck at one of our stations is as fast and easy as refuelling a diesel truck – and it can service all truck types with both cold and saturated gas. LNG/LBG trucks run just as long on a full tank, as modern models have an operating range of around 1,000 km (621 miles), with some reaching even higher. On top of that, natural gas engines have proven to outlast their conventionally fuelled counterparts.

image of a driving truck and a text saying: our 4 core principles, zero emissions, customisation, scalability and mobility

Built according to our 4 core principles

No matter the solution, we always integrate our core principles of zero emissions, customisation, scalability and movability.

Our solutions are closed loops that emit no gas into the atmosphere. We design each one to fit the customer’s requirements – and to be incrementally scalable if those requirements change. Lastly, we put emphasis on allowing the solutions to be easily moved elsewhere if needed.

Go carbon neutral with biogas

LBG is identical to LNG, except that the former comes from organic material like animal manure or food waste. LBG is therefore completely CO2-neutral, since no new carbon is being extracted from the ground and introduced into the carbon cycle. The two gases are chemically the same and both are equally compatible with our solutions. So if you want to go from LNG to LBG in the future, you can use exactly the same solution.

We work with the best in the industry

To deliver 360-degree refuelling stations of the highest quality, we have partnered with LIQAL in the Netherlands, who are specialists in small-scale LNG filling station technology. With our combined expertise, we can offer you a wide range of solutions for every situation. Check out LIQAL’s video to see examples of their technology: