The right LNG and LBG solutions with thorough engineering

With their expertise and attention to detail, KC LNG’s engineers can deliver a solution that takes everything into consideration – from the smallest bolt to the big picture layout.

Engineering handling gas pipelines

In some cases, our customers are not quite ready to purchase a physical product, but they still need someone to lay the technical groundwork so they can explore their options. Our engineers can provide meticulous calculations, drawings and research to come up with the ideal LNG/LBG solution – with no need for the customer to commit to buying a physical piece of equipment.

Experienced and highly capable engineers

Our team consists of experts that have years of experience with producing small-scale LNG and LBG solutions of all kinds – whether related to bunkering, liquefaction or refuelling. If a customer has a unique challenge or is just wondering whether a certain idea might be feasible, our engineers welcome the opportunity to come up with a solution that is exactly tailored to their requirements. We can deliver all the technical calculations, drawings, 3D models, with great attention to everything from safety and logistics to financial considerations.

Prepare for the future

Having a solution engineered, but not actually produced immediately, allows our customers to plan ahead knowing fully what their options are and how a given solution would fit into future budget considerations. If you are weighing several options, our team can help you choose the one that is best suited to your situation. There is no obligation to purchase a physical version of the solution right away – or at all. We are here to help our customers achieve clarity about the best way forward.


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Whenever our customers come to us with an engineering challenge, we jump at the opportunity to create new solutions that meet their needs optimally. Here you can read about past engineering solutions we have delivered to our customers.

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