To welcome you to the world of KC LNG, we have here gathered some media materials about us and what we do. Browsing through the publications on this site, you will meet examples of our different liquefied green gas solutions. However, you will also be introduced to the starting point for all our activities: LNG and LBG. With the two gases being chemically similar, they are both equally compatible with our solutions. In other words, if you want to switch from LNG to LBG, you can use exactly the same solution. As highly responsible fuels, LNG and LBG are both important energy sources for the future.

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With our brochures, you get a brief introduction to the world of and possibilities within LNG and LBG - the highly responsible fuels.

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Knowledge centre

MAKEEN Energy, our mother company, has a knowledge centre with info, tips and tricks from all around the energy industry.

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The videos we have gathered here give you examples of our liquefied green gas solutions and explain how they function.

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Our infographics mix information and graphics into one image, explaining some of the fascinating features of LNG and LBG. 

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