KC's LNG division at Marine Tech Korea 2016

At the Marine Tech Korea 2016 conference in Gyeongnam, Korea on 26-29 September 2016, Kosan Crisplant will participate alongside the significant LNG industry influencer, Korea LNG Solution.

Kosan Crisplant has kindly been invited to the Marine Tech Korea 2016 that centres on LNG-fuelled ships and marine plants to share its views on how the bunkering market is shaping up. LNG Manager, Mr Lars Sall, has been invited to give his predictions as to the direction of the bunkering market as well as to present Kosan Crisplant's newest bunkering solutions. To unveil just a few of his points, the speech will revolve around movable and scalable, zero-emission LNG solutions - features that are in high demand right now.

After having signed an MoU with both KOGAS and Korea LNG Solution in June 2016, Kosan Crisplant is pleased to partake in this conference expanding the co-operation and the relationship with the influential Korean players. To underline the new alliances, Kosan Crisplant and Korea LNG Solution will share the same booth at the conference:

"We want to make clear how important these MoUs are to us and that we take our commitments with our Korean partners seriously by participating in this fine event." says LNG Manager, Lars Sall. "We are honoured that Kosan Crisplant's inputs and predictions for the LNG market's future are valued and requested."

Marine Tech Korea 2016

The conference will take place at the Changwon convention Center (CECO) where 125 companies will partake. The city of Gyeongnam is the world's leading marine shipbuilding industry and houses 1,060 marine shipbuilding companies. The conference aims to attract major players within the LNG marine industry and to exchange the newest information available.

MoU signing between KC and Korea LNG Solution