Why choose LNG?

Cleaner, more cost-efficient and with enough reserves to last for decades. LNG is the sustainable energy choice in every way.

LNG is cleaner

Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel. Composed primarily of methane, LNG burns more cleanly than e.g. coal and oil, emitting significantly lower amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere in the process. 

The reduced emissions of harmful pollutants such as CO2, NOx (nitrogen oxides), SOx (sulphur oxides) and particulate matter means that switching to LNG will have a positive impact on both human and planetary health.

Unlike diesel and heavy fuel oil, LNG does not require extensive clean-up in case of a spill. LNG simply evaporates and dissipates into the atmosphere, leaving no residue whatsoever in water or on soil to the benefit of surrounding ecosystems and water systems. 

LNG is cost-efficient

The cost savings gained from switching from oil-based fuels to LNG depend on the constantly fluctuating prices of both commodities. Unlike oil, which is priced on a global scale, the price of LNG varies across the globe depending on local supply and demand.

Despite the recent oil price plunge, oil remains far more expensive than natural gas measured by the amount of heat it produces. Due to this higher calorific value, gas-fired appliances typically offer higher efficiency than their oil-fired equivalents.

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