Upgrading bunkering solution maximises advantages and ergonomics

A KC Lng solution for The Samsoe Ferry
A KC LNg solution for The Samsoe Ferry

The Samsoe ferry

The customer's challenge
The ferry's bunkering solution worked perfectly fine – but even good can always become better.

Our solution
We implemented a few, minor changes such as more displays and a redesigned area around the LNG hose.

The outcome
The upgrades made a positive difference for the daily handling and enhanced both convenience and ergonomics for the operators.

After a few years with the LNG bunkering solution for the Samsoe ferry, the shipowner concluded that even good can become better. Therefore, they decided to implement a number of upgrades. And the result is both convenient and ergonomic for the operators.

Back in 2015, KC LNG delivered the bunkering solution that enables the Samsoe ferry to connect the island of Samsoe to the Danish mainland – while running on an environmentally friendly fuel. And even though everything worked fine, the shipowner decided to upgrade the facility.

Redesign improves ergonomics

The original bunkering facility, delivered by KC LNG, worked completely according to plan. But the shipowner realised that it could be even better than it already was.

By partnering up with KC LNG once again, they were able to implement a few, minor changes that made a positive difference on a daily basis. Let us give you a couple of examples.

Firstly, KC LNG installed a number of displays that present information from the bunkering system. In that way, they make it easy for the operator to get exactly the information they want.

Secondly, KC LNG redesigned the area around the LNG hose. We adjusted the landing bridge and moved the parking space for the hose. As a result, we optimised the area and maximised ergonomics – all for the benefit of the operators.