Quadrupled LNG bunkering with on-board truck pumps

Quadrupled LNG bunkering
Quadrupled LNG bunkering

ENGIE, France

The customer's challenge
ENGIE wanted a solution that would let them bunker from more trucks while utilising their on-board truck pumps.

Our solution
Our manifold combines the flow of 4 trucks with no pump or generator of its own, making it completely autonomous.

The outcome
The Bunker Manifold opens new options for ENGIE, offering a fast, flexible and safe way to bunker LNG.

When the French energy giant ENGIE approached KC LNG, they did so after seeing the success of our Samsoe bunkering solution. However, they had one question: "What if our trucks are already equipped with pumps?" That would eliminate the need for a stationary pump unit.

What ENGIE needed was a solution that could combine the flow from 4 trucks simultaneously and lead it to the ship's fuel tank. In response, we designed and engineered our own Bunker Manifold. 

Fast and flexible LNG bunkering

The Bunker Manifold is a 20-foot cargo container that can gather the hoses from 4 trucks in a sort of X-shaped adapter, sending their LNG onwards in a single bunker hose to the ship. The valves are controlled by 4 nitrogen cylinders that must be replaced when empty. Since the pumps are on the trucks, the system is completely autonomous, requiring no connection to power or utilities. Along with its movable design, this makes the manifold a highly flexible tool.

Prepared for the unforeseen

For optimal safety, the Bunker Manifold is capable of going into full ESD (Emergency Shutdown) 1 and 2 mode. If the flow is kept below  150 m3 per hour, ESD 1 is sufficient. For higher flows, the manifold has the mandatory flame and gas detectors as well as a powered emergency release coupling on the ship bunker hose. It also comes with a vent stack for venting of gas in case of a leak.

The Bunker Manifold is also available as a simplified trailer version, which enhances mobility.