Solving the problem – without interrupting the sailing timetable

A KC LNG solution for The Samsoe Ferry
A KC LNG Service solution for The Samsoe Ferry

The Samsoe ferry

The customer's challenge
The shipowner discovered a damage on the gas system on board the ferry.

Our solution
By bringing the gas system on shore to fix it, the ferry could continue with its sailing timetable (using diesel as fuel) while the technical experts repaired the damage.

The outcome
The sailing operations were not interrupted at any time, the gas system was repaired – and the ferry was soon back to business as usual with LNG as fuel.

Problems are rarely convenient – neither on land or at sea. When the Samsoe ferry ran into trouble with the gas system onboard the ferry, the shipowner needed a quick and reliable solution. They turned to KC LNG who took on the job as consultants and soon solved the problem – while keeping the ferry on the water all along.

Several times a day, the Samsoe ferry sails back and forth between the Danish mainland and the island of Samsoe with visitors, islanders and cars on board. For that reason, the shipowner was frightened the day they discovered a damage on the ferry's gas system.

Identifying the problem

KC LNG designed and delivered the refuelling solution that makes it possible to bunker the ferry with LNG. And since that partnership was successful, it was natural for the shipowner to ask KC LNG for help once again.

When KC LNG's gas technical experts approached the malfunctioning gas system, the first item on the agenda was troubleshooting: Why is the system not working?

After identifying the problem, next step was to develop an action plan and fix the issue. But with several departures a day, the Samsoe ferry could not take a break at the shore to be repaired.

Fixing the equipment – while keep sailing

To make sure that the repairing and the sailing operations could run simultaneously, the consultants from KC LNG decided to fix the gas equipment onshore. And while they did so, the ferry could continue with its sailing timetable, using diesel as fuel.

When the gas system was up and running again, they brought it back onto the ferry – and business was back to usual with LNG. The shipowener was happy, and consequently the consultants were too.