Green energy for off-grid areas

Going green can be difficult for businesses in remote areas. Our LNG solutions for industrial use can bring natural gas to your doorstep.

A location far from the natural gas grid often leave companies with no choice but to rely on oil for their heating and processing needs. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) offers an environmentally friendly alternative at a lower cost.

Cost-efficient and greener than most

The benefits of converting to LNG are many. Besides being an attractive energy choice cost wise, natural gas is by far the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel.

As LNG emits lower amounts of greenhouse gasses and other harmful pollutants such as NOx and particulate matter, a conversion will benefit surrounding ecosystems. The cleaner air in and around your facility will instantly improve working conditions. 

LNG for any type of business

LNG can be used for a wide range of industrial applications and processes, such as heating, cooling, drying, processing and food production, just to name a few.
Natural gas has a higher calorific value than oil and the combustion is easy to control. That makes natural gas especially suitable for processes that require not only a high temperature, but also a high degree of precision and flexibility.

Scalable tailor-made solutions

A typical industry solution includes a semi-pressurized storage tank, a system that handles the boil-off gas and a vaporizer. Our solutions are scalable and designed to meet each customer's specific needs. Due to its inherent characteristics, LNG is particularly suitable for businesses with constant energy consumption.

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LNG factory