KC LNG - turnkey supplier of small-scale LNG solutions

Who is KC LNG?

KC LNG is Kosan Crisplant's LNG division. We provide flexible, small-scale LNG solutions in accordance with our five ground principles: Zero emission, modular design, flexible construction, automation and the highest level of safety. What our small-scale LNG solutions also have in common is that they require minimum space and are easier to finance because of the low CAPEX involved. Due to the modular design of the installations, our solutions are scalable and therefore easy to adapt to growing future needs. That is our whole philosophy.

KC LNG's vision is to be the preferred worldwide provider of LNG solutions in four market segments: Liquefaction, vessel bunkering, industry applications and road transportation. Out of the four, the former two segments have been our main priority in entering the LNG market.

In the LNG market, we have a broad customer range, which counts both municipalities, ports, gas suppliers as well as governments who all need LNG as a fuel. Besides offering turnkey LNG installations, our services include facility management, after sales, consultancy and service.

Due to a rising political and legislative focus on sustainability in general, and within transportation specifically, the maritime industry is looking at alternative fuels to reduce CO2 emissions. Thus, the maritime use of LNG is expected to rise considerably within the next years and provide competition to e.g. diesel. KC LNG helps customers in this green transition by offering primarily liquefaction plants for local, small-scale LNG production as well as building LNG bunkering solutions to fuel vessels tailored to fit the customers' specific needs.

Brochures and catalogues

Thirsty for more? We always have more knowledge to share, so why not check our brochures and catalogues? Here you can find much more information about our solutions in LNG bunkering, liquefaction, and LNG in general. When you are done reading, our sales staff will happily answer any questions you may have left.