Brochures and catalogues

KC LNG's brochures and catalogues are an ideal start to your journey into our world of LNG solutions.

General brochure

What is LNG, what are its advantages and applications, and how can KC LNG's solutions add value to your business? These questions will be answered when you read this brochure, in which you will also find illustrations of the typical LNG process.

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LNG Liquefaction Solutions

Our highly efficient and innovative liquefaction solutions are modular and allow you to 'grow-as-you-go'. But there are many more advantages that you can read about in this brochure. 

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Fully Automatic and Flexible LNG Bunkering Facility

Our zero emission LNG bunkering facility makes it possible to fuel a ferry for a whole day's operation in less than 30 minutes. In this brochure, we explain our LNG bunkering solution in detail.

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Small-scale LNG Bunkering

We constantly improve and adapt our small-scale LNG bunkering solutions for vessels to meet the demands of the ever-changing small-scale market. In this brochure, you can read about our small-scale LNG bunkering solutions.

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