Founded near Copenhagen in 1960 as BIRO, BIRODAN A/S has existed in its present form since 1983. In 2000 the company relocated to Randers, Denmark. Since 2012 BIRODAN A/S has been part of The Kosan Crisplant Group in Aarhus and shares offices and storage bay here.

In 2013 BIRODAN A/S was awarded the "AAA" bronze credit rating for the third year in a row. An issuer that is rated "AAA" has an exceptional degree of creditworthiness and can easily meet its financial commitments.


P.O. Pedersens Vej 22
DK-8200  Aarhus N

Tel: +45 8644 8734
Fax: +45 8644 8735
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VAT No. 27184979