Gas components

Below you can read the descriptions of a few of the many products in our vast selection. For the full overview, please refer to our product catalogue.

Off-grid filling solutions

No power? No problem. With our off-grid solutions, you can start filling anywhere in a short time with a minimal investment.


GEM Compressor

The last thing you need is for your compressor to fail halfway through and prolong the procedure. That is why we have created a portable compressor that is as reliable, cost efficient and safe as it is effective: The GEM.


RegO low-emission products

Losing valuable gas to daily emissions is both annoying, uneconomical and bad for the environment. This line of low-emission products helps keep unnecessary emissions to an absolute minimum.

Thermoflex LPG Pipes

Gone are the days of having to check the corrosion levels and x-raying the welding on your underground steel pipes. Thermoflex LPG pipes eliminate all these drudgeries and pack an array of advantages to boot. And yes, they are available at your nearest KC ProSupply centre.

Read about the advantages of Thermoflex LPG pipes.

SECOND SUN tank heater

What if you didn't have to rely on Mother Nature to heat up your tank? The SECOND SUN flameless catalytic tank heater is an ideal solution when our environment is unable to supply the needed energy because the warm, low intensity heat from the heater mimics the energy from the sun. SECOND SUN is designed to safely and efficiently boost natural vaporization in propane, LPG and anhydrous ammonia storage tanks.

The SECOND SUN tank heater is now available at the KC ProSupply centres.

Go to the SECOND SUN brochure to learn more

Smartphone for industrial use

KC ProSupply and BIRODAN offer the INNOVATION 2.0 ex smartphone.
Besides all the standard features you know from ordinary smartphones, the INNOVATION 2.0 can be used in potentially explosive areas (ex zone 1/21) such as liquefied petroleum gas plants. The INNOVATION 2.0 lets you take photos and record video in ex areas, and offers a variety of other functions as well.
​We offer a range of different models and brands, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the products or delivery time.

GASLEVEL indicator

You know that feeling when the gas flame dies out while you're in the middle of doing something? It's not only annoying, it's also totally unnecessary. In a matter of seconds, the GASLEVEL indicator can let you know how much gas is left in your cylinder and whether it's time to buy a new one. In other words, it's the end of unexpectedly running out of gas. 

The GASLEVEL indicator measures the fill levels of standard LPG cylinders by means of an ultrasonic mechanism. Just stick the indicator on the outside of the cylinder and move it downwards until the indicator light switches from red to green.

The ease of use makes the GASLEVEL indicator the ideal accessory for professional use of gas-powered equipment.