KC ProSupply

Components and equipment for LPG, LNG, cryogenic and other industrial gases, as well as engineering and consultancy services

Your one-stop shop for gas equipment and components

What does that mean? Convenience, efficiency, and professionalism, just to mention a few things. Check out this short animation where we explain how our business concept can make your life a lot easier.

KC ProSupply is Kosan Crisplant's trading division, dedicated to worldwide sales of high-quality gas equipment and components. KC ProSupply is constituted by a group of companies, each with decades of experience. All companies are fully owned by the Kosan Crisplant Group and supported worldwide by Kosan Crisplant's subsidiaries and extensive agent network.

We work only with the best in the business

Our extensive network of leading suppliers of gas components and equipment allows us to offer high-quality products for any gas-related purpose at competitive prices; completely hassle-free and with short delivery times.

KC ProSupply means:

  • One place to go for any type of gas component
  • High-quality components from the most renowned suppliers worldwide
  • A wide range of components for LPG as well as ammonia (NH3), cryogenic gases such as LNG, nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) and other industrial gases
  • Full engineering capability
  • Expert guidance on component choice
  • Huge stock and collected shipments
  • Customized engineering and stocking solutions
  • Quick delivery
  • Kosan Crisplant specialists available on-site

Our supply for gas installations includes:

  • Truck equipment and everything for road transportation of LP gas.
  • Tank accessories and everything for safe and efficient operation of your tank yard.
  • Bulk storage equipment and accessories, from the bulk tank to the filling point.
  • Instrumentation and telemetry ranging from the basic to the most innovative solutions.
  • Pressure regulators for various applications for industrial or domestic use.
  • Ball valves and accessories for LPG and fire fighting water networks.
  • Gas and fire detection systems for stand-alone or integrated solutions.
  • Cylinder installations for domestic and commercial LPG networks
  • GEM compressors and accessories
  • ACME couplings, adaptors and gauges
  • LPG pumps, accessories and controls

Our services for gas installations include:

  • Engineering and consultancy services to ensure the correct choice of component and configuration every time
  • Design of equipment, components and tools
  • Reconditioning of equipment, components and tools
  • Procurement of used plant and equipment; reconditioned, tried and tested to guarantee optimum performance at reduced cost

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