Low capacity filling

KCFiLL1 is designed for easy, safe and accurate filling of small amounts of LPG cylinders. It offers the best value for money on the market for low-capacity filling machines.

KCFiLL1 makes accuracy affordable. As an electronic filling machine based on the same tried and tested components as our filling machines and systems for higher capacities, KCFiLL1 offers a safety level and a filling accuracy unrivalled in low-capacity filling - and at a reasonable cost.

Primary or supplementary filling machine

KCFiLL1 is conceived to be the primary filling machine for small-scale fillers or to function as a supplementary filling machine for larger filling companies with a need to fill small amounts of different-sized LPG cylinders.

Flexible and versatile

The patented KCFiLL1 machine is suitable for any type of cylinder and valve. It comes as a plug & play solution that makes installation both quick and easy. As it is simply hung by two suspension chains, KCFiLL1 can be installed anywhere and moved around according to need.

Easy operation

Filling of small amounts of LPG cylinders has never been easier than with KCFiLL1. Designed according to Kosan Crisplant's high standards, KCFiLL1 is safe and easy to operate, even for those without prior experience with LPG filling.

KCFiLL1 is IECEx type approved and in compliance with the European ATEX Directive.

Read more: KCFiLL1 brochure (pdf)