Filling equipment is no small investment. Get the most out of yours by having it serviced regularly.

Over time, a filling plant tends to develop minor defects that causes it to slow down; something that potentially reduces the filling capacity by 20-30%. Regular service performed by expert technicians is the key to ensuring that your equipment keeps performing at its best.

Save resources and fill more

Regardless of the service level you choose, a KC service agreement focuses on the following benefits:

  • Saving gas
  • Increasing filling capacity and production uptime
  • Improving staff and consumer safety
  • Extending the lifetime of your filling equipment
  • Reducing labour costs
  • Ensuring available spare parts in the event of a break-down

It may also serve as an extended warranty.

Tailor-made agreements

Our wide range of tailor-made service agreements range from a simple inspection visit to fully outsourced Facility Service. 

”Our service agrement with Kosan Crisplant has made it possible for us to reduce the maintenance department with 2 employees. Furthermore, the number of un-planned stops in production has been significantly reduced.”

Mr. Janez Oblak
Butan Plin, Slovenia (SHV Group)

Facility service

This is the most extended version of a service agreement. In a Facility Service Contract we will perform the technical maintenance of the entire (or part of) filling plant , storage facilities, pumping units, compressors, fire extinguishing system etc. Our staff will control and administrate the maintenance of the installations, but the operation of the filling plant will remain the responsibility of the plant owner. 

Service contracts

A service contract is signed on the basis of an evaluation of the service and maintenance requirements at the filling plant. A number of scheduled service visits per year are carried out on the basis of an evaluation of the requirements. During the service visits, the KC technician carries out the maintenance service work defined in the contract. During the entire contract period, KC and the customer work closely together to maintain and increase the productivity and profitability of the filling plant. 

Service tours

We perform a number of service tours throughout the year touring e.g the North of Europe. We write in advance to all customers without a service contract in that specific area offering them a visit to evaluate their filling facility and perform the needed service work.  

Service on demand

You can always contact us whenever you need service and we will schedule a visit to your site at the earliest convenience. 

Inspection and advice visit agreement

We offer scheduled visits yearly/halfyearly/quarterly where our technicians make assessments of the equipment followed by an assessment report and our recommendation to a future maintenance plan. 

Assessment of your spare parts stock, followed by recommendations to adjustments or purchases to maintain optimum stock. 

Recommendation to training and investments is also a part of the visit.