We know the equipment better than anyone ... why not leave the daily operation to us?

For more than 65 years, Kosan Crisplant has served the LPG industry with equipment, service and maintenance. Experience shows us that owners and directors of LPG plants are spending a large proportion of their time on production – though it is only a small part of the budget. Now you can leave the daily operation and maintenance of your LPG filling plant to us, and concentrate your efforts on sales, marketing and distribution of LPG cylinders and strengthen your business position and profits.

Business partners in USA, Brazil, Portugal, Algeria, Cameroon, India and Malaysia have already taken advantage of our new customized service concept in the daily operation of their filling plants.

Based on a thorough study of your operation, we will provide proposals for one or more solutions, complete with details on the package, investment plans and calculations on the potential savings. With KC Facility Management™ you have a partnership with us based on trust, confidence and openness. Together we will achieve the perfect combination of rational operation, high productivity and cost reduction.

Cost savings

With KC Facility Management™ most customers reduce their costs per filled unit. We will keep you updated on the latest technology and provide you with investment plans, for long-term planning and budgeting.

Convert variable to fixed costs

As production costs per filled unit become a known factor, directly linked to the quantity of sold cylinders, you can budget safely and allocate more resources to sales, marketing and distribution.

No hassle and dazzle

No more breakdowns! No surprises! We take care of the operation of your site, including personnel, stocks, maintenance etc. Being able to concentrate on your core business, you can increase efficiency and profit through better planning and usage of the available resources. Business decisions are made on a more reliable basis! Even budgeting becomes easier!

Improve quality of work

Highly qualified and motivated staff provides improved working efficiency, quality and safety. Production costs are optimised, and your facility will be known as a great place to work. We provide continuous training of the staff, as part of KC Facility Management™.

Focus on your core business

Leave production management to us, and concentrate all your efforts on sales, marketing and distribution. Increase your sales and profits!