KC Facility Management™ tailored to your needs and preferences!
From a general service agreement with regular service visits by our technicians, to a full package where we take care of everything within your facility: operation, management, maintenance etc. We even cut the grass!

Facility management in brief:

  • Reporting and technical advisement
  • Staff employment, training, etc.
  • KC technical personnel, KC operators and KC Facility Manager on site
  • Filling of LPG cylinders
  • Maintenance of filling equipment
  • Maintenance and reconditioning of cylinders
  • Internal logistics

Facility Management is flexibility: A modular system that allows the customers to pick the options they want. We can offer routine service visits with or without spare parts, around-the-clock hotline, training of personnel and feasibility studies to uncover how operations can best be rationalized.

If you want to take your agreement to the next level, we offer KC Facility Management™ where we assume responsibility of the production, in whole or in part with or without reconditioning of the cylinder park. We can take over present personnel or supply our own or offer a combination with experienced KC supervisors managing the customers’ operators. In short, we offer to take over functions that may be secondary to gas companies, but primary to us. This is efficient and profitable as both parties can focus on own strong competences. Such partnership requires close cooperation and openness. Our common goals ensure this fundamental requirement.

Besides releasing resources internally in your organisation, the KC Facility Management™ contract offers you many advantages. Paying a fixed amount per month or per filled cylinder – and thus converting fixed costs into variables – makes it much easier for you to budget, make investment plans and avoid any unpleasant surprises. Your internal administration is simplified and cut down to a minimum because we become the single point of contact in charge of all operation related issues: safety, quality control, environment, maintenance of equipment, running of production, and training an motivation of personnel. In addition, you will enter into a partnership where know-how on machines, efficient operation and the latest technology is freely exchanged between us. Our profile is thus changing from being only a supplier of high-tech equipment and technical solutions to being a supplier of values and benefits. Very simply, we sell profit to you by reducing your costs and helping you to increase your sales. The cost per filled unit is reduced through a more efficient filling process, more productive uptime, rational management of spare parts stock, precise filling, efficient purchasing, preventive maintenance and increased lifetime of your equipment.