Palletizing systems

Kosan Crisplant’s palletizing systems are designed for safe and efficient handling of all kinds of pallets as well as for automatic loading and unloading of LPG cylinders.

  • High safety and optimal logistics at the filling plant
  • Minimum time consumption for loading and unloading of trucks
  • Fully automatic plant
  • Minimum need of manpower
  • High capacity – up to 2,400 cylinders per hour
  • Careful transportation of cylinders between filling plant, storage and customer
  • Flexible design for handling of many pallet types

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  • High safety as only internal vehicles operate near by the filling plant, and only few external people has access to the plant
  • Optimal logistics as, to a large ex-tent, external and internal vehicles operate in separate areas
  • Possibility of expansion thanks to flexible and modular design
  • Just few cylinder repairs necessary as cylinders are protected in pallets during transport
  • Just few industrial injuries as there are no manual cylinder lifts

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  • Two basic palletizers: Compact Pal-letizer and Linear Palletizer
  • Both plant types can be connected to all types of chain conveyors
  • Both plant types can be supplied with fully automatic bar lifter
  • The Compact Palletizer is available in one or two storeys and with a ca-pacity of up to 2,400 cylinders per hour
  • The Linear Palletizer is available in one storey and with a capacity of up to 1,800 cylinders per hour
  • The Linear Palletizer has modular design so that the internal buffer storage can be varied
  • The Linear Palletizer can be supplied with a pallet stacker/destacker in order to minimize the fork-lift truck operations and/or to reduce the number of fork-lift trucks
  • Manual or semi-automatic palletiz-ers for low capacity filling plants

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  • Ex marking according to the ATEX Directive and applicable EN stand-ards: CE logo EX logo CE logo EX logo II 2G Ex h IIB T3 Gb
  • All palletizing systems are intended for operation in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1 or Zone 2 ac-cording to EN/IEC 60079-10-1
  • All palletizing systems are designed and validated in accordance with a certified ISO:9001 quality manage-ment system; furthermore, they are designed according to all relevant requirements set out in applicable EU Directives

Palletizing systems

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