Telescopic conveyors

Our telescopic conveyors are designed for quick and easy loading/unloading of cylinders. They reduce manual handling too.

Get the most out of your filling system. Our telescopic conveyors help ensure that the cylinders enter and exit the filling plant in a fast and efficient way. This allows you to fully utilize your filling system's capacity. Stretching up to 13 m, the telescopic conveyors are suitable for loading/unloading of even very large trucks.

Reduced manual handling 

Telescopic conveyors reduce manual handling to an absolute minimum. As the telescopic conveyors can move both horizontally and vertically, they can always be placed in a way that minimizes the physical strain on the person, who loads the cylinders onto and off the telescopic conveyor.

Unlimited capacity

Each telescopic conveyor is able to handle 2000 cylinders/hour (loading or unloading). As several parallel telescopic conveyors can be installed next to each other, the system can easily match the 4000+/hour capacity of KC's high-speed filling system Flexspeed.