Palletizing systems

With up to three storeys and a capacity of up to 4000 cylinders per hour, KC's fully automatic palletizers are designed for safe and easy handling of all kinds of pallets.

Easy in and easy out. Kosan Crisplant's palletizers for high-capacity cylinder loading/unloading ensure that the cylinders enter and exit the filling system both fast and efficiently.

Optimize both safety and logistics

Fully automatic loading and unloading of cylinders have several benefits:

  • Pallet plants eliminate the need for manual handling
  • The pallets protect the cylinders from being damaged during transport
  • Quick and easy loading/unloading of cylinders
  • Optimizes both safety and logistics 

A must for high-speed filling

In order to fully benefit from a high-speed filling system, the cylinder transport system must be able to match the speed of the filling system. With up to 4000 cylinders per hour, the capacity of our palletizers matches the speed of our high-speed filling system Flexspeed.