Cylinder handling and transport equipment

Kosan Crisplant offers gas cylinder transport and handling solutions to cater for any need in cylinder processing. Our solutions include engineering and layouting of the best possible logistics in consideration for location, building structure and efficiency in terms of cylinder flow and staff working conditions.

KC offers chain conveyors using dry or wet chains, roller conveyors for sliding or pushing cylinders from one processing point to the next, telescopic conveyors with up to 13 m hanging extension, overhead conveyors for cylinder painting solutions, and systems for handling gas cylinders in pallets in either linear motion or up to three storeys for easy pickup and drop by forklift trucks.

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Product sheet: Cylinder handling solutions
Product sheet: Conveyor systems
Product sheet: Palletizing systems
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Palletizing systems

Make sure that the cylinders enter and exit your filling system fast and efficiently.

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Telescopic conveyors

Conveyor systems for easy loading and unloading of trucks.

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The MAKEEN Energy conveyor chain

Kosan Crisplant chain conveyors use the MAKEEN Energy chain - a dry chain with superior strength and durability and less maintenance than the market standard. 

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