Cylinder finishing equipment

Our finishing solutions offer end-user protection and make the gas cylinders look attractive for the retail market

Stand out in the crowd with clean and branded cylinders. We offer a variety of washing, printing and sealing solutions to make your gas cylinders look attractive as well as for branding your cylinders towards the retail market and end-users.

Consumer protection 

The sealing solutions also offer consumer protection as they ensure that the cylinder valve is kept tightly closed until it reaches the end-user.

Get a tailored solution for keeping your gas cylinders looking clean and attractive.

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Sleeve application machine

With a customized labelling sleeve, LPG cylinders become the perfect marketing platform. Our sleeve application machines make labelling easy.

No more generic LPG cylinders. A full-body film sleeve provides a flexible way to brand your cylinders and make them easy for your customers to recognize. In one fully automatic operation, our sleeve machine applies the sleeve to your gas cylinders and ensures that every gas cylinder reflects your brand.

Advertising space for sale

The sleeve application machine makes it easy to change the look of LPG cylinders at a low cost per unit. The flexibility makes the sleeves ideal for campaigns whether you use the advertising space yourself or sell it to other companies.

Uniform, high-quality cylinders

Manual application of labelling sleeves is costly and time consuming and the results are rarely good. By making the process fully automatic, the sleeve application machine delivers up to 1200 cylinders per hour -- all with a uniform, high-quality look and feel. An advanced photo eye system ensures that the sleeve is placed at the exact same height every time.

Integrated in filling system

The sleeve application machine is approved for use in hazardous areas and can be fully integrated with other Kosan Crisplant equipment via the CUC controller. The uniform CUC control system and components give you a user-friendly control system and is your guarantee for service and spare parts support throughout the lifetime of the machine.