Production tracking monitor

Discovering at the end of a shift that the production target hasn't been met is not only disappointing; it's costly in the long run. So why not prevent it from happening?

KC's Production Tracking Monitor constantly estimates how far you are from reaching the targeted amount of filled cylinders and gives you the information you need to adjust the production as you go.

Data displayed in the filling hall

The Production Tracking Monitor turns the filling hall production data into easily decodable information and displays it on a large monitor in the centre of the filling hall.

Real-time updates

The displayed information is updated in real time. This way, the filling hall operators know at all times whether they are up to speed with the shift's production target or if they need to make adjustments in order to reach - or even surpass - the target.

The data displayed on the monitor include:

  • The production target for the current production period (shift/day)
  • The number of cylinders processed so far
  • The deviation from production target at the end of the current production period, if no adjustments are made
  • Average output (cyl/h) for the current production period
  • Current carrousel output
  • The result accomplished by the previous shift 

Add-on to Production Data Management System 

The ProductionTracking Monitor is an add-on to KC's basic production data management system. It is a valuable tool for any LPG filler that wishes to utilize resources optimally and ensure that every shift reaches the targeted production output.