Make sure your plant is performing optimally at all times and keep downtime to a minimum. KC SCADA gives you the complete filling hall overview.

Information is the key to optimization. As KC SCADA monitors all filling hall processes in real time, the information you need is right at hand. To ensure maximum overview and ease the work of the operator, the layout shown on the screen is an exact copy of the actual plant layout. The use of colour codes to convey messages further increases the operator’s possibility of instantly decoding the information provided by the system.

From complete overview to the smallest detail

KC SCADA offers all the information you need, down to the last detail. From individual machine fields with status indications shown on the overall plant layout to detailed production data on every single machine – it’s all there at a glance. This way, you can always keep track of the condition of each and every machine and carry out the preventive maintenance that is essential to reducing the risk of costly breakdowns and production stops.

Quick and easy damage control 

In the event of unwanted incidents, the Kc SCADA issues a warning using colour codes and flashing machine fields, which enable the operator to quickly locate the error and apply the required corrective action. In other words, you can have your filling plant up and running again in the shortest possible time, keeping costly downtime to an absolute minimum.

A basis for production optimization 

Detailed statistics on the filling process in terms of e.g. production output, deviations and LPG consumption enables you to know at all times whether your equipment is working properly and, if not, to make the necessary adjustments. This way, your plant will be running optimally at all times, minimizing the waste of resources and maximizing profit.

Your road to overview 

Besides being available as an add-on feature to new equipment, all existing Kosan Crisplant equipment controlled by our HMI, the CUC, can be upgraded with KC SCADA. For more information on what KC SCADA can do for your filling plant, get in touch with us.