Cylinder segregation system

Put safety first with systematic and reliable cylinder quality control.

Quality control is an essential part of any LPG business. By making the cylinder quality control procedures more systematic, the cylinder segregation system enables you to fulfil the requirements of local authorities and ensures that you can deliver products of a consistently high quality to the consumers.

Reliable quality control

The segregation system is designed for automatic selection and segregation of up to 32 cylinders per day. The segregated cylinders are led into a locked box for later quality control. The fact that the cylinders can only be accessed by the quality control responsible (internal or external) increases the reliability of the quality control procedure.

Samples taken throughout the day

The pace of segregation is determined by the CUC controller based on the expected production of the day, which the operator enters on the CUC. This ensures that samples are taken throughout the day and that the quality control provides a picture of the entire day's production. In the event of a production stop, the CUC resumes the segregation sequence when the system is restarted.