Monitor and configure your plant from other locations

Imagine filling software so elaborate that it is possible to monitor your plant from a single computer thousands of miles away. Picture how all the data from the plant just flushes into your screen for you to monitor via mini computers. You don't even have to be anywhere near your plant in order to do so. Or picture a system so clever and intuitive that when updates and maintenance to your equipment are necessary, it can be done centrally from one single controller PC applying the changes to all your machines at once saving countless man-hours. This is reality with the Crisplant Universal Controller (CUC), installed on every single machine produced by KC.

There are huge advantages to be gained from this technology operationally as well as financially, especially on big plants where numerous controllers are connected, but the advantages of the CUC system aren't gained just because of the size of the site. On the contrary - everyone benefits from the functionalities of the CUC, even down to the smallest sites. Because the controlling equipment is scalable, it is flexible to fit and benefit any size of plant. 

Transparency offers a clear overview

A transparent and clear network equals clarity to constantly monitor everything that's going on around a plant. That way, help can be on the way as soon as an error occurs or certain errors are prevented altogether. By means of the CUC, it is possible to see straight through the machines and detect problems on the spot as well as go back in time and see when which problems occurred. Consequently, transparency also means that if a CUC breaks, a highlighted error message appears thus making it easy to locate, replace or repair. At the same time, everything is backed in the process so no information is lost. This provides a great sense of security for the customer and increases uptime significantly.
By viewing the system through the CUC, there is a lot more to see because you look directly into the system's hardware compared to simply inspecting the plant visually. In that way, the transparency offers a "behind the scenes window" into the site.

Remote control saves money

With the CUC, we are able to remote control and configure networks from other locations, update the software and monitor any events, changes or errors in the system simply by sharing the customer's PC screen with us. That way, it is possible to support the customer and offer direct guidance from afar instead of sending a technician, which, more often than not, turns out to be a costly and time consuming affair for the customer.

Updates to the software are done automatically through the network on every single CUC, which renders having to change the chips in each unit superfluous. Hence when new features and software are released, all units in a plant are updated in a very short period of time. This naturally eliminates long-winded procedures and saves countless man-hours all the while the equipment works better and quicker because everything is always up to date. This increases productivity and prevents the loss of data.

Adaptable data to suit your needs

Every time a cylinder passes the CUC regardless of its function, data is collected. This allows for the accumulation of production data for stat purposes, alerts for trouble finding and optimization of production processes. The data that can be extracted from the CUCs is so-called raw data, which means that it can be used for whatever one might want and need to. In that way, it's flexible and adaptable to suit the customer's wishes and needs.

Clear, intuitive networks easy to install

We call our CUC controlled networks clear and intuitive because the CUCs more or less install themselves due to an intelligent standard setup procedure and the software for different machine functions is pre-installed on all CUC controllers. Therefore, with the press of a button, the CUC intuitively knows when it's being connected to a network and which particular settings to use. Due to the KC software monitoring feature called device discovery, it is possible to add more machines to the circuit without even using the monitor PC. That way, it is possible to adjust to a growing demand and 'grow as you go' which protects your investments. As a consequence, you buy only what you need.

Intrinsically safe networks

Making the networks scalable offers a huge advantage if the plant needs to expand with time as power is supplied directly from the network - a simple plug and play system. Setting up the CUCs in networks means that the customer saves a lot of money on electricity and that errors are brought to a minimum and contained in the closed circuit. Hence, if a filling machine or a check scale breaks down, all other operations will still continue to function as if nothing had happened - increasing valuable uptime. 

The KC CUC power supply is designed to provide a 100% intrinsically safe supply of power to CUC controlled machines, which means the system is approved for hazardous areas. For instance, potential risks are avoided because of KC's intrinsically safe carrousel slip ring as the reduced power eliminates explosions.

Customising standard solutions to fit customer needs

Contradictive to the trend today that everything must be customised, one of the major advantages to the CUC control system is that it is standardised. It may sound unspectacular and dreary, but it actually ensures the shortest delivery time possible, and the price is kept low due to economies of scale. In addition, keeping the system standardised makes it easier to maintain the system, elaborate and enhance it as opposed to all customers having customised systems. This fact saves endless hours of support because we know exactly what equipment the customer has. We're thus able to find errors quicker and this means shorter down periods which is a sore spot for most customers. Plus, the interface is the same regardless of the machine connected to the CUC, so it can be used by anyone anywhere. If you know one CUC, you know all of them, which means you are up and running in no time, saving precious time.