Electrical installations

Our electrical equipment solutions for gas filling plants provide optimal safety and easy-to-operate filling halls.

More than 60 years in the gas filling industry has made us experts in electrical engineering for hazardous areas. As our integrated system solutions include both filling equipment and electrical equipment, you get a simple interface, optimal safety and user-friendly filling halls. And of course, our electrical engineering solutions comply with all known international norms.

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CUC - Crisplant Universal Controller

Our intrinsically safe HMI controller is designed specifically for LPG filling plants and controls the filling process. It is user-friendly and saves both time and energy.

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CUC remote control

Imagine filling software so elaborate that it is possible to monitor your plant from a single computer thousands of miles away. This is reality with the Crisplant Universal Controller.

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Production tracking monitor

KC's Production Tracking Monitor constantly estimates how far you are from reaching the targeted amount of filled cylinders and gives you the information you need to adjust the production as you go.

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Cylinder segregation system

Our cylinder segregation system enables you to fulfill the requirements of local authorities and ensures that you can deliver products of a consistently high quality to the consumers.

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Make sure your plant is performing optimally at all times and keep downtime to a minimum. KC SCADA gives you the complete filling hall overview.

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