Cylinder handling solutions

Kosan Crisplant’s cylinder handling solutions are designed for optimisation of manual handling processes when unloading and loading cylinders from trucks, and other lifting and removal processes in the filling hall.

  • Heavy lifts and removals are performed by handling equipment
  • Flexible systems, available as over-head systems and telescopic conveyor systems
  • Minimum need for manpower
  • Ergonomic solutions
  • Small investment
  • Handling of both industrial and domestic cylinders

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  • Minimized strain on operators
  • Transport of cylinders directly from the conveyor or the filling machine to the truck platform
  • Increased capacity when loading and unloading trucks
  • Efficient handling at peak periods
  • Reduction of typical handling damages on cylinders

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  • The overhead system can be supplied either with electrical lifting motor and lifting hooks, or with vacuum principle (incl. suction disc and equipment for balancing of cylinder weight)
  • The overhead system can also be applied for manual loading and unloading of pallets, together with the pallet transporting system
  • Telescopic conveyor systems include telescopic chain conveyors which cover the length of the truck platform for easy loading and unloading
  • Both the overhead and the telescopic conveyor systems can be combined with other handling systems, such as palletizers

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  • Ex marking according to the ATEX Directive and applicable EN standards: CE logo EX logo II 2G Ex h IIB T3 Gb
  • All cylinder handling solutions are intended for operation in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1 or Zone 2 according to EN/IEC 60079-10-1
  • All cylinder handling solutions are designed and validated in accordance with a certified ISO:9001 quality management system; furthermore, they are designed according to all relevant requirements set out in applicable EU Directives

Cylinder handling solutions

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