Crisplant Universal Controller

Our intrinsically safe HMI controller is designed specifically for LPG filling plants and controls the filling process. It is user-friendly and saves both time and energy.

Make a complex process more simple. It doesn't matter whether the CUC controls a filling machine, a leak detector or something else; the user interface is always the same. This eases the job of the operator, reduces the risk of human errors and makes training of new operators more efficient.

Quick and easy location of errors

The CUC simplifies the process of locating electronic and mechanical errors on the filling equipment. As the CUC has a built-in keyboard and display, one operator can locate and correct errors without assistance. This saves valuable time.

Intrinsically safe and energy efficient

Intrinsically safe and so energy efficient that you only need one power supply to run a typical filling system consisting of a 24 scale carrousel with in/outlet and two leak detectors. The CUC is the least power-consuming control unit on the market.

Instantly interchangeable

The CUC keeps downtime to an absolute minimum. In the rare event that one breaks down, it can be exchanged in no time with one from stock or from a machine currently not in use.  All it takes for a CUC to control a different machine type, is just a quick re-configuration. The CUC is able to control well over 200 machine types.

Crisplant Universal Controller