The MAKEEN Energy conveyor chain

In November 2018, our umbrella company, MAKEEN Energy, released its new conveyor chain to be used in all future chain conveyors supplied by Kosan Crisplant and Siraga. With superior tensile strength and less susceptibility to wear, this chain will result in greater performance, less maintenance, and fewer production stops than any chain we have previously used in our conveyor systems - all at the same price.

The chain is produced with full MAKEEN Energy control over the supply chain, meaning that we can guarantee an identical product of the same high quality every time. Every piece is cast at the same foundry using MAKEEN Energy's unique steel alloy. What this means is that you can have complete faith in the product you buy. Everything is sure to work perfectly, and all pieces are designed to fit with each other for optimal results.  

"We have had the new MAKEEN Energy chain in test since mid-December 2017. It is placed on a difficult portion of the layout (unloading bottles of the pallet unit until the exit of the washing machine). The chain speed is 24 m/min. We have a 120° curve in this section of the conveyor and a conveyor length of 25m. During this period, we had no maintenance. Usually, we change the chain and sprockets every 6 months. We shortened the chain once, and the sprockets are like new. We will use this chain on the whole circuit as soon as we have to replace used chain sectors - there is no doubt." - Christophe Stynen, Maintenance Foreman at Cobogal, France

No Weak Links: A guide to understanding and maintaining your chain conveyor

When a chain conveyor breaks down, it can result in considerable loss of time and production - or it can be fixed in a few hours. It all depends on how you treat it, and how aware the plant owners and operators are of proper maintenance and cleaning procedures. In this guide, we give you some of our best advice on how to keep a chain conveyor running with minimal interruptions.