Checking equipment

Kosan Crisplant offers solutions for checking gas cylinders and valves in various ways. Our solutions cater for both filling accuracy as well as staff and end-user safety with regard to leaks from cylinder body or valve.

KC offers check scales for both inline and stand-alone cylinder processing, which check the actual weight of the cylinder and the liquefied gas after the filling to ensure that the contents match the commercial volume of the cylinder type. On high-speed filling systems, check-weighing is carried out during the course of the filling process on a carrousel rotation.

KC offers solutions for leak testing of valves in both inline and stand-alone cylinder processes as well as in high-speed processing units with mulitiple test posts. These solutions are semi-automatic or fully automatic and divert leaking gas cylinders to a sort-out lane for gas evacuation and repair.

KC offers full cylinder body leak test in specially designed water baths installed inline in the conveyor system. These solutions are based on visual inspection by the operator.

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