Successful first bunkering of M/F Samsø

The island of Samsø reached an important milestone on its way to a greener future when its new ferry was bunkered with LNG for the very first time. Kosan Crisplant's high-speed LNG bunkering unit is now in operation.

On what could have been any cold and rainy Thursday in February, the first gas-driven domestic ferry in Denmark was bunkered in the port of Hou. The successful first bunkering with LNG represents an important milestone in a ground-breaking project that has led to the development of a zero-emission high-speed LNG bunkering unit. The bunkering unit, delivered by Kosan Crisplant as a turn-key solution, has been designed to meet the customer's need for a quick and environmentally friendly bunkering procedure.

Fossil-free future

For the small island community of Samsø, the first bunkering with LNG marked another important step towards entirely eliminating the use of fossil fuels by 2030. The ferry, which recently arrived from the shipyard in Poland, will be running on LNG when it is put into service in March 2015, but in a not so distant future it is meant to run on natural gas made from the island's own biomass. When that time comes, the bunkering unit will be moved from the Jutland side to the port of Sælvig on the Samsø side.

More info: Fully automatic and flexible LNG bunkering facility (pdf)
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LNG bunkering unit, port of Hou, Denmark