NEW ORDER: 144 filling machines for Algeria

If you want high-quality filling solutions and a swift execution time - who do you call?

Naftal SPA, the Algerian state-owned LPG Distribution Company, once again turned to its trusted partner, Kosan Crisplant, for the supply and installation of a total of 144 filling scales for six different filling plants in the region Wilaya in Algeria.

During the survey and quotation phase, Kosan Crisplant drew on its unique advantage of having highly skilled staff locally present in Algeria (to carry out detailed technical surveys on each site, to make recommendations for the customer, and to take all the local factors into consideration such as approvals, logistics, installations etc.). Not to mention the back-up of its international staff in France and Denmark ready to assist.

In the course of six months, 144 UFM Electronic Filling Scales (on carrousel) with check scales and related equipment will replace outdated filling equipment in six existing facilities in Algeria. Eager to meet the customer's high expectations for the performance of the equipment, KC performs a strict capacity and precision test of all of the equipment over the course of eight hours in order to ensure maximum capacity (1,200 cylinders/hour) and precision (98% within + / - 50 grams) for Naftal SPA and finally for the end user as well.