LNG: signing of MoU with KOGAS

Kosan Crisplant a/s signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the world's largest LNG buyer and regasification terminal operator, Korea Gas Corporation, on June 6 2016 as part of the official Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) Summit in Copenhagen. The Aarhus based supplier of state-of-the-art gas equipment is now rubbing shoulders with the big players outside of its core business, LPG. Persistent focus, expert knowledge and a go-getter attitude in the up and coming LNG branch of the 65 year-old gas company has led to a co-operation with heavyweight, KOGAS from Korea, who has recently also signed a similar agreement with Total, France.

On 6 June 2016 at 14:00 PM, CEO of Kosan Crisplant, Anders C. Anderson, signs an MoU with KOGAS' Vice President, Jae-Young Her. The purpose of the MoU is twofold: The collaboration is supposed to develop advanced technologies related to LNG bunkering facility and advanced LNG bunkering technologies including high efficient BOG (boil off gas) treatment and small-scale LNG. Secondly, the two companies will join forces in performing pilot and demo projects for LNG-fuelled ships, LNG bunkering and small-scale LNG logistics business using ISO LNG tank container.

Kosan Crisplant is thrilled about the promising, imminent collaboration: "We're honoured that the world's largest LNG buyer and regasification terminal operator, KOGAS, has seen a potential in a co-operation with us. This proves to us that our position as one of the leading European players in the LNG business when it comes to small-scale LNG solutions is justified and that we are a force to be reckoned with." says CEO, Anders C. Anderson.

LNG-fuelled ships and LNG bunkering seminar

To further strengthen the new bond between the two companies, KOGAS and Kosan Crisplant have arranged an LNG bunkering seminar together the day after signing the MoU. The purpose of the seminar aptly named LNG-fuelled ships and LNG bunkering is to exchange ideas, showcase existing bunkering concepts and inspire future collaborations.

The seminar is concluded with a site visit in the harbour of Hou, where Kosan Crisplant will present its bunkering facility to the Korean delegation. Samsø shipping line will host a sail as well as a guided tour on Denmark's first domestic, LNG-fuelled vessel.


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