Plant upgrade tripled Canhongo's capacity



Instalações Canhongo, Angola

The customer's challenge

An outdated and inefficient mechanical filling plant in a market with a rapidly growing demand for LPG cylinders. 

Our solution

An entirely modernised filling plant designed and engineered to suit Canhongo's needs. 

The outcome

  • Tripled filling capacity
  • Higher safety level
  • Easier maintenance 
  • The need for manual handling reduced by 50%
  • Reduced expenses due to accurately filled cylinders

Scope of supply

  • Electronic filling carrousel with 12 UFM filling machines
  • Manual leak detector
  • Chain conveyor system
  • Stationary filling machine for industrial cylinders
  • Power panels
  • Electrical installations and piping in the filling hall 
  • Filling hall lighting 
  • Air and LPG compressor
  • LPG pumps
  • 100 m³ cylindrical tank with piping
  • Consulting and engineering services within all LPG areas

A complete plant upgrade that tripled its LPG cylinder filling capacity helped Instalações Canhongo seize a unique growth opportunity. As a bonus, production costs were significantly reduced. In a market with a rapidly growing demand for LPG cylinders, Instalações Canhongo had every opportunity to grow the business. However, its outdated and inefficient mechanical LPG cylinder filling plant was a serious impediment, and it was in the light of this situation that the manager of the company decided that it was time for an upgrade.

Tripled capacity, reduced costs

The goal of the project was to increase the LPG cylinder filling capacity and the safety level at the plant. By installing a modern, electronic filling system, we helped Canhongo triple its filling capacity and made maintenance a lot easier and simpler. At the same time, the need for manpower was reduced by as much as 50 percent.

An investment that pays off

The switch from mechanical to electronic filling equipment turned out to have an immediate effect on the amount of gas wasted. Instalações Canhongo has achieved major savings on gas, simply because modern electronic filling machines are far more accurate than even high-quality mechanical filling machines. This means money saved in comparison to earlier when there was great uncertainty about how much gas was filled into the cylinders.

In combination with higher output and savings on manpower, this gave the project a payback time of approximately two years.

Supplying both equipment and expertise

Close cooperation and thorough analysis paved the way for the solution. Our experts evaluated the state of Canhongo's existing equipment, listened closely to the customer's needs and designed a tailor-made solution that would help Canhongo reach its ambitious goals. The entire project, including engineering, electrical installations, piping and the installation of tanks, was carried out by Kosan Crisplant. The installation was done in collaboration with our local agent.